Flag of Duwamish

Duwamish (/duwɑːmɛʃː/), officially the Republic of Duwamish (Duwamishite: 공화국의 이슬제가요미쉬), is a federal constitutional republic off the coast of Estia in the Eastern Hemisphere of New Gaea. It is bounded to the north, west, and east by the Atian Ocean; the northeast by the Strait of Quinault; and on the south by the Algorian Ocean. The Atian Ocean separates Duwamish from New Chandler to the north, mainland Estia and Sahewamish to the east, and Itzamna to the west; and the Strait of Quinault separates from Quinault. The territory of Duwamish covers 2,509,240 mi2 and is influenced by an oceanic marine climate. With 89.7 million inhabitants, it is one of the smallest countries in the COFR in population. (more...)

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