Culture, Arts, and Sports
문화, 예술 기술부, 스포츠
COFR seal
COFR seal
Ministry overview
Formed 4 October 2010
Headquarters Dawson, Duwamish
Employees 1
Minister Flag of Duwamish Bruce Englehardt II

The Ministry of Culture, Arts, and Sports (CAS) is a ministry of the Confederacy of Free Regions (COFR). The ministry is administered by Minister Bruce Englehardt II of Duwamish and is headquartered at the Ministry Building in Downtown Dawson, also in Duwamish. The ministry is involved in preserving the culture and arts of COFR nations as well as managing sports along with collaboration with various leagues, including the Alliance of Independent Football Federations (AIFF).


Operating unitsEdit

List of MinistersEdit

Order Minister Took office Left office Term
1 COFR seal Bruce Englehardt II 4 October 2010 Incumbent 1

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