The shield of New Chandler Highway 3
New Chandler Highway 3
The Pelham Bisector
Route information
Maintained by NCDOT
Existed: 2006 –
Major junctions
North end NC 72
Roseburgh Financial Harbour
South end NC 40
Province(s): Pelham
Highway system
List of New Chandler Highways
20px NC 2 NC Highway 3 sign NC 4 20px
New Chandler Highway 3 (stylized as NC 3, and nicknamed The Pelham Bisector) is a toll Cardinal Road passing though Roseburgh and Sophanem in Pelham, New Chandler. NC 3, as most New Chandler Cardinal Roads are, is a freeway the entire length of its route. Like most toll roads in New Chandler, the speed limit is exceptionally fast; during light traffic hours, the speed limit can be increased upwards of 90 miles per hour on some parts of NC 3.

The toll for NC 3 is ϵ2 enieo

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